Saturday, August 15, 2009

Latest film release featuring original score by Michael Galasso

Ella Es El Matador features original music by Michael Galasso. The film's US Television Premiere will be September 1st, 2009. Watch the trailer at:

Ella Es El Matador (She is the Matador)

"For Spaniards — and for the world — nothing has expressed their country's traditionally rigid gender roles more powerfully than the image of the male matador. So sacred was the bullfighter's masculinity to Spanish identity that a 1908 law barred women from the sport. Ella Es el Matador reveals the surprising history of the women who made such a law necessary and offers fascinating profiles of two female matadors currently in the arena: the acclaimed Mari Paz Vega and neophyte Eva Florencia. These women are gender pioneers by necessity. But what emerges as their truest motivation is their sheer passion — for bullfighting and the pursuit of a dream."

Watch the trailer here: